Friday, October 30, 2009

Why do we say that the optical telscope drew a new picture of the Universe?

The telescope was a very important discovery in astronomy, and astronomers discovered that if more light reached the eyepiece of a telescope, the image would be much brighter. So, they made the lenses and mirrors of their telescopes bigger, so as to capture as much light as possible, and focus it on a single point.

Optical telescopes have lenses in them that collect light from objects in the sky. These lenses focus the light, by either bending it or reflecting it to form an image. There are two different designs of optical telescopes - refracting telescopes and reflector telescopes. An optical telescope forms images of faint stars and other objects that are very far away, so as to give the observer a clearer picture of the Universe. This type of telescope can gather many times the amount of light that your eye can.

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